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Active Surrey is part of Workplace Challenge, a sport and exercise employee benefit scheme, designed specifically to help businesses support their employees in building exercise into the working day. Your employees (who live or work in Surrey) can sign up for free and access local, affordable sport and fitness sessions to get whole workforces more active together. 

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It is a well known fact that employee well-being plays a major factor in business performance and productivity, thus increasing output and profit. It is vital that businesses invest in their workforce to keep staff happy, healthy and productive!

Exercise is good for you and being physically active leads to a happier, longer life. With this in mind it makes sense for employers to encourage their staff to get moving using Workplace Challenge. If your employees are fit and well, it's likely your business will be thriving too. No matter how small or large your workforce is, Workplace Challenge can:

  • Decrease employee absenteeism
  • Boost morale in your workplace
  • Increase productivity and team work
  • Reduce staff stress levels

"60% of people improve performance at work on days when they exercise"

          - International Journal of Workplace Health Management

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A smart business move

Through the power of sport, our activity sessions create team cohesion and boost the feel-good factor. Sessions are fun and challenging and we reward and encourage employees to take part with prize draws and incentives. Employees can access all of the latest local activities and challenges and enter teams via our business community website. From beginner taster sessions for those new to sport, to skill courses and business leagues for keen beans, there are many ways businesses can unite their workforce and be a part of Workplace Challenge.


Find out how your business can be a part of Workplace Challenge by emailing or call 01483 518944.

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