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Run to Rio

Run to Rio has so far successfully had over 170 primary and infant schools registering, getting over 50,000 Surrey children running to Rio this summer.

Run to Rio will start immediately after the Easter holidays, week commencing 11th April and continue until Friday 8th July 2016. At the end of the 12 weeks all schools who complete the full distance to Rio will receive a free baseline fitness test for their school and the school with the most miles per pupil will have a famous athlete visit to their school. We are delighted to see that many infant schools have signed up. We recognise that it may be more challenging to reach Rio but we will still reward your best efforts!

The Next Steps after registering for Active Surrey's Run to Rio programme are as follows:

1. Register your school on the Golden Mile website

Go to www.golden-mile.org and click PRIMARY SCHOOL, select the REGISTER TAB on the right hand side and search for your school. Enter your details in step 3 and then enter RTR/16 in the promotional code box for free access. Click REGISTER in step 4 to finalise the registration. You will then be contacted by the Golden Mile with your log in details. Your free access will run for the duration of Run to Rio.

2. Select or elect your School Run to Rio monitors

We recommend 1 monitor per participating class, ideally from year 5 or 6. You could use Sport Crews if you have them. They will be responsible for printing off a class list each week so teachers can manually record the distance their class has covered and then uploading that data for their appointed class at the end of each week.

Run to Rio Monitor Job description                     Run to Rio CV template

NB Infant schools may need a member of staff to be in charge of inputting their class lists and distance although there may be tasks which would be suitable for Year 2 children.

3. Measure your track and order elastic bands

Your track could be around your field or playground. Get the monitors to use a trundle wheel to measure it in metres (1 mile is 1609 metres). You can mark it with cones or paint a line until the children know the route. The website allows you to have more than one track in your school so you can mix up the route or have a different track for different year groups. Elastic bands can be used to record laps.

4. Enter your class lists onto the Golden Mile website

Once registered, the Run to Rio monitors or staff can enter their class lists, following the directions on the set up guide. This will enable you to see how each child is progressing over the course of the programme. They will also receive downloadable certificates when they hit key distance milestones. There is nothing to stop you setting up a class for staff so they can participate too! There is a prize for the most miles covered by an adult! We also encourage you to have a look at the RESOURCES section for other supporting documentation developed by the Golden Mile.

For more help, please contact your SGO to arrange telephone training.

5. Communicate with parents

We have drafted a letter for you to send to parents to inform them about Run to Rio which you can tailor for your school. If parents want to be updated by the Golden Mile site on their child’s progress, they can provide their email address which you can enter against their child’s name.

6. Further help and advice

A representative from the Golden Mile will be in touch to ensure you are correctly set up to start running immediately after the Easter break.

For further help and information contact elizabeth.duggan@surreycc.gov.uk

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