Active Surrey Marketing Toolkit

We have put together a toolkit covering all the basics you need to market your club, activity or project. This includes looking at suitable audiences, how to market to them, press, print, websites and social media. 

Download Marketing Toolkit

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Market Segmentation

Why do some people play sport, and others don't want to? What is the demand for your sport in your area? What age group is more likely to participate in your sport? Sport England have developed 19 sporting segments to understand the nation's attitudes and motivations to sport, along with an interactive online toolkit to apply these profiles to your local area. Use toolkit.

Not sure where to start? View the user guide for clubs or give us a call on 01483 518944 to help you get to grips with the toolkit.

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Promoting Activity

This website can help you when marketing your activities. There are thousand of free photos for you to use, poster design tools, communication plans and you can even contact them for bespoke advice for your organisation. Visit Promoting Activity website.

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